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Fab and £50 is back!!!!

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Fab and £50 is back!!!!

For the Months of March and April the Fab and £50 is back offering some great deals on some of our most popular treatments.

We advise to book this offer in advance. Please call us on 01978314888 to book your appointment.

Stunning eyes -£50 saving £30
HD brows, eyelash tint and LVL lash treatment.
This fabulous offer will bring the Wow factor to your eyes
*patch test required.

Beautiful Hands and Feet -£50 saving £20
Treat yourself to a Essential Manicure and Pedicure with CND vinylux polish.You can upgrade to CND Shellac polish for just £5 each

CACI Ultimate facial course -£150 saving £60
Book a course of 3 CACI ultimate facials for £150, that's just £50 per facial!This is the most effective non-surgical facial treatment method to date. This treatment will define facial contours, plump out deep lines and wrinkles whilst re-educating, firming and toning the facial muscles.
Our most popular facial treatment, with amazing results that promise to make your skin glow!
*All three facials need to be taken in the months of March and April.

Pure Pampering -£50
Enjoy any 4 of the following treatments for just £50.

Vinylux file and polish
Sienna x spray tan
Darphin instant skin boost facial
Anti-ageing hand treatment
Revitalising foot treatment
15 minute back massage


For Terms and conditions please visit out website, or call us on 01978314888

L'Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert

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This clever little brush from Darphin helps boost the skins cellular renewal process and remove impurities from the skin which can age it’s appearance.

By using this brush daily

Your skin will be detoxified by using the sonic wave technology and sonic cleansing brush head, removing many more impurities than hand washing alone.

Your skin will be moisturised. The vibration from the cool metal head will charge the moisturiser deeper into the skin, making it feel plumper, with less visible drylines.
It Boosts microcirculation and skin's natural exfoliation process that slows as you age to reveal a youthful, glow.
Helps tighten pores.

It delivers a skin rejuvenating massage to reveal a youthful glow!!

The brush is not only waterproof but small enough to put in your makeup bag. It has a 180min battery life and has a USB charger, which is handy for traveling.

The facial brush head will last approx. 3months.

Use this device for 2 minutes’ day and night, to reveal a rejuvenated, youthful glow!!


It delivers a skin rejuvenating massage to reveal a youthful glow!!

The brush is not only waterproof but small enough to put in your makeup bag. It has a 180min battery life and has a USB charger, which is handy for traveling.

The facial brush head will last approx. 3months.

Use this device for 2 minutes’ day and night, to reveal a rejuvenated, youthful glow!!



Universal Contour Wraps

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What are Universal Contour Wraps (UCW)?

UCW are inch loss wraps. Wrapping you in clay soaked bandages, which is both relaxing and detoxifying, the enriched clay that is used draw out toxins through the pores, whilst the wrapping techniques compress fatty tissue, creating an instant inch loss and sculpting effect.


What will happen during my treatment?

During your treatment your therapist will explain every step to you, she will provide disposable underwear, and tell you exactly how to get ready. You will be asked to undress to your waist, and she will measure specific tape points on the body. These measurements will be what your therapist refers to after the treatment, to give your total inch loss.

Warm bandages that have been soaked in a sea clay will be wrapped around your body. A plastic suit will keep you warm, and you will be wrapped for approx. 1 hour. The total treatment time is 2hours.

Once the detoxification process has taken place, your therapist will unwrap and re measure you, giving your total inch loss, and advise you on how to continue with your detox.

We advise wraps to be done once a month, unless you are on a course then these can be take 5-7days apart.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the wrap, we always give our clients a homecare pack that states drinking plenty of water will aid the continual detoxification process. Also eating light non greasey meals, and reducing caffeine for the next few days will help.


Why should I detox?

Detoxing helps us all with: -

Losing weight

Speeding up metabolism

Increases energy

Restores balance to our body’s systems to name a few

Long term exposure to toxins that build up in the system, can cause you to feel unwell, suffer from bloating, and even Brain fog.

How much are UCW’s?

Wraps are £58 a session, or buy two any get one free if paid for in advance. Also any treatment you have whilst wrapped up we will discount by 20%


Pedicure Heaven

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September 2016 brings a brand new pedicure area to Lavender House. Situated on the third floor of the salon, we can now offer you and a friend a pedicure at the same time, bringing a whole new meaning to coffee and a catch up. Using all of our favorite CND products, you can relax and let us look after those tired feet.

to book your appointment, follow this link or call us on 01978314888

LVL Lashes

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LVL lashes are everywhere right now. It’s the hottest lash treatment in the celebrity world, with beauty bloggers agreeing that it’s the ‘best treatment ever’ 

If you’re looking for a way to enhance and exaggerate your lashes, then LVL is the answer. Say goodbye to mascara, lash curlers and extensions; here are five reasons Enhance will change your life.

They’re fuss free

The wonderful thing about LVL lashes is that they’re natural. We lift, volumise, lengthen and tint your natural lashes, and once you leave the salon, that’s it! No coming back for maintenance treatments and no need to come back to remove them. 

They’re long lasting

LVL lashes last six to eight weeks. 

You’ll save time getting ready in the morning

Do you ever wake up and wish you could have ten extra minutes in bed? Well, with LVL lashes, you can! Waking up with perfect lashes every morning will cut down the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, leaving you with more time to work out, eat a nutritious breakfast, or simply hit that snooze button a few more times.

You can still wear mascara, though you won’t need to!

If you wear lash extensions, you’ll know that wearing mascara over them can cause them to clump. As LVL Enhance uses your natural lashes you can still wear mascara and use make up remover, though your lashes will look so good you certainly won’t need to.

It’s perfect for holidays

LVL  is the perfect treatment for your holidays because it doesn’t require any maintenance. The last thing you want on holiday is a full face of make-up and as you don’t have to wear mascara with LVL lashes you can kiss goodbye to panda-eye disasters in the pool or while sunbathing!

To book your appointment please call us on 01978314888 or follow this link


2016 Is in full swing!

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Spring has finally sprung!

And here at Lavender House, we have some new and exciting treatments and products coming your way.


Introducing the New CACI eye revive treatment.

We have been massive fan of the CACI Ultimate for a few years now, and we were so excited to hear that CACI were launching some new equipment for the eye area. This is a must-have treatment for anyone concerned with ageing around the delicate eye area.
The new CACI eye revive serum is applied and used in conjunction with the specially designed roller attachments and Hydro mask. This treatment deeply nourishes, soothes, and detoxifies tired eyes. This can been added to your regular CACI treatments or as a stand alone treatment.
Coming May 2016

CND Spa Collection

Our brand new nature inspired hand creams, scrubs and masks are now available. Awaken your senses with 'Bright Citron', or relax with 'Gardenia Woods'. And smooth those tootsies with the 'Cucumber heel therapy!'
The new collections are now available in our Manicure and Pedicure services, you just need to choose your favorite

Russian Lashes
The ultimate look in lash extentions. This new technique has taken the world by storm, and we are very excited to be offering it here at the salon.
With this technique we can create high impact, glamorous looking lashes. These are light weight and fine textured lashes, with a  2-3week wear.


To book your appointment please call us on 01978314888 or follow this link






Autumn 2015

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The autumn months are approaching and with the powers that be telling us it's all about Fur, Victorian designs and the return of 70's inspired suede, the beauty world are telling us what is going on with makeup and nails!

Carrying on the the suede theme, matt nails in rich dark colours are very in! Keep your nails short and well manicured to carry off this look.

Nudes are still really popular with peaches making a big statement.
Why not try a more oval nail for your French manicure with a peach instead of pink? We love CND shellac 'powder my nose' teamed with 'studio white' for a really natural French and 'Salmon run' for an all over peach nail.

With makeup trends being set at Paris fashion week, it seems it's all about eyes over lips!
Big liners and power brows are the talk of the town. We LOVE, HD Brows and recommend them to all of our clients. HD brows don't have to be 'power brows' we mix colours and apply natural makeup to give you the defined look.
To book your appointment please call us on 01978314888 or follow this link


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Here at Lavender House, we have been ‘Waxing Queens’ for years. Known for very ‘army’ style approach to waxing, “no hair is left behind! “ But we wanted more. Waxing isn’t the most pleasant of treatments but is definitely the most popular. We wanted our clients to have more from their monthly wax…Then we came across WAXPERTS!

WAXPERTS is an award winning brand offering both hot and strip waxing treatments. Hot wax is used for the more sensitive areas including intimate bikini. A pre-wax oil is used to protect the skin resulting in little to no redness. Both waxes also have a lower melting temperature making the experience much more comfortable.  Comfortable waxing??? I hear you ask. We will see…..

As always, we Lavender Girls are guinea pigs for all new treatments, so it was time to grow every hair possible to be practiced on. Not so good when you have nights out arranged, but it’s what we do in the name of beauty! Sarah Jane our resident trainer spent a whole a week with the WAXPERT girls from Dublin, learning all about the new waxing techniques, and came back to show us.

As a regular waxer I was keen to see how this treatment differed to regular strip waxing.  Strip waxing is still used for larger areas such as legs and arms, and hot wax is used for smaller areas such as underarms, bikini and lip. Sarah prepped my bikini area with cleanser, and then pre wax oil was applied to the skin to create a barrier between the hair and the skin. When the hot wax was applied it felt quiet firm and the wax was warm and actually quiet comforting… for now. The wax is left to set and another area is applied. Once the wax has set it is then pulled off. AMAZING, it didn’t even sting! I must admit I did tense myself up waiting for the pain on every section, but it never came, even on the most sensitive bits it was absolutely fine! There are some new 'Waxing positions' to learn… anyone who has had a Hollywood or Brazilian wax will appreciate this, but it is all necessary for a perfect wax, and! Once the area is completed the after wax oil is applied. This lavender based oil is perfect to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. The treatment takes a little longer than a traditional strip wax, but I found that the wax was really gentle on my skin, and didn't leave any redness, or the plucked chicken effect that sometimes happens.

We now offer a whole new waxing menu in our 2015 addition of our pricelist, and I can highly recommend the waxperts wax.

With Love Sarah xx


To book your appointment please call us on 01978314888 or follow this link