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Victoria LeeComment

Here at Lavender House, we have been ‘Waxing Queens’ for years. Known for very ‘army’ style approach to waxing, “no hair is left behind! “ But we wanted more. Waxing isn’t the most pleasant of treatments but is definitely the most popular. We wanted our clients to have more from their monthly wax…Then we came across WAXPERTS!

WAXPERTS is an award winning brand offering both hot and strip waxing treatments. Hot wax is used for the more sensitive areas including intimate bikini. A pre-wax oil is used to protect the skin resulting in little to no redness. Both waxes also have a lower melting temperature making the experience much more comfortable.  Comfortable waxing??? I hear you ask. We will see…..

As always, we Lavender Girls are guinea pigs for all new treatments, so it was time to grow every hair possible to be practiced on. Not so good when you have nights out arranged, but it’s what we do in the name of beauty! Sarah Jane our resident trainer spent a whole a week with the WAXPERT girls from Dublin, learning all about the new waxing techniques, and came back to show us.

As a regular waxer I was keen to see how this treatment differed to regular strip waxing.  Strip waxing is still used for larger areas such as legs and arms, and hot wax is used for smaller areas such as underarms, bikini and lip. Sarah prepped my bikini area with cleanser, and then pre wax oil was applied to the skin to create a barrier between the hair and the skin. When the hot wax was applied it felt quiet firm and the wax was warm and actually quiet comforting… for now. The wax is left to set and another area is applied. Once the wax has set it is then pulled off. AMAZING, it didn’t even sting! I must admit I did tense myself up waiting for the pain on every section, but it never came, even on the most sensitive bits it was absolutely fine! There are some new 'Waxing positions' to learn… anyone who has had a Hollywood or Brazilian wax will appreciate this, but it is all necessary for a perfect wax, and! Once the area is completed the after wax oil is applied. This lavender based oil is perfect to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. The treatment takes a little longer than a traditional strip wax, but I found that the wax was really gentle on my skin, and didn't leave any redness, or the plucked chicken effect that sometimes happens.

We now offer a whole new waxing menu in our 2015 addition of our pricelist, and I can highly recommend the waxperts wax.

With Love Sarah xx


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