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Universal Contour Wraps

Victoria LeeComment

What are Universal Contour Wraps (UCW)?

UCW are inch loss wraps. Wrapping you in clay soaked bandages, which is both relaxing and detoxifying, the enriched clay that is used draw out toxins through the pores, whilst the wrapping techniques compress fatty tissue, creating an instant inch loss and sculpting effect.


What will happen during my treatment?

During your treatment your therapist will explain every step to you, she will provide disposable underwear, and tell you exactly how to get ready. You will be asked to undress to your waist, and she will measure specific tape points on the body. These measurements will be what your therapist refers to after the treatment, to give your total inch loss.

Warm bandages that have been soaked in a sea clay will be wrapped around your body. A plastic suit will keep you warm, and you will be wrapped for approx. 1 hour. The total treatment time is 2hours.

Once the detoxification process has taken place, your therapist will unwrap and re measure you, giving your total inch loss, and advise you on how to continue with your detox.

We advise wraps to be done once a month, unless you are on a course then these can be take 5-7days apart.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the wrap, we always give our clients a homecare pack that states drinking plenty of water will aid the continual detoxification process. Also eating light non greasey meals, and reducing caffeine for the next few days will help.


Why should I detox?

Detoxing helps us all with: -

Losing weight

Speeding up metabolism

Increases energy

Restores balance to our body’s systems to name a few

Long term exposure to toxins that build up in the system, can cause you to feel unwell, suffer from bloating, and even Brain fog.

How much are UCW’s?

Wraps are £58 a session, or buy two any get one free if paid for in advance. Also any treatment you have whilst wrapped up we will discount by 20%